capital campaign update

Our Building Improvement Team has completed a significant amount of improvement through the restoration activities over the past 6 months. Our team members are Rev Will, Sherry Heath, Adele Penrod, Debbie and Steve Frazier, Beverly Brown and Kris Stewart. The improvements include restoration of the building exterior brick and mortar, water table stone, roof flashing, windows, Greene St and Caldwell St entrance doors, addition of canopies on Greene St and Caldwell St as well as painting and landscaping. Additional work was also performed on the Administration Building, Court Yard and the Bell Tower.

The improvement to the character of our church would not have been possible without the Capital Campaign Fund. We have received approximately $300,000 through congregation contributions, grants and The Wall Fund. Our campaign drive is over a 3 year time frame with a goal of $500,000. The exterior work has been 90% finished with the Greene St and Caldwell St corner communication sign still remaining to be completed. We are currently repairing several areas in the church that are needing plastering and painting. Once this is completed, our main focus will be a major improvement to the Narthex area. This will consist of the kitchen being relocated to the south end of the Narthex, construction of 2 new bathrooms, updated lighting, new balcony hand rail and several other improvements.